Amazon Experience

Jungle Admin was created to provide Amazon sellers with the help they need to sell profitably on Amazon. Back in 2011 my wife and I decided to sell on Amazon full time. She needed help dealing with the day to day tasks associated with selling on Amazon such as paying taxes, researching products, as well as, determining how much product to buy and send to Amazon. I was an Amazon employee from 2004 to 2006; my role was software developer on the Product Advertising API team responsible for the Gift Certificate Service. My knowledge of Amazon’s Marketplace Web Services (MWS) was quite extensive since I had worked with it during my two years at Amazon. I also worked with the predecessor to Amazon Web Services (AWS) using S3, EC2, and other internal services in my work, which now known more commonly as cloud computing.


In 2011 while working as a software consultant, my wife’s Amazon sales were taking off. We realized that with more help they could grow much more abundant. I started working fulltime on a set of software tools called SellersToolbox to automate the process. I continue to work on them making improvements with the continuous changes to Amazon. The software uses MWS, AWS, and other technologies to make managing an Amazon seller account easier. Over the next seven years, I would create many custom software tools, add substantial functionality, and work with hundreds of sellers helping them get access to their account information on Amazon.

Evolving Services

In July of 2017 Jungle Admin was created to cater to those sellers who wanted a full-service approach to selling on Amazon. Instead of having to become an Amazon expert, sellers can now contact us to resolve problems, learn about best practices, and avoid issues that could cost them a lot of time and money. Amazon is a complex marketplace, and the rules are changing all the time. There is a lot to deal with, and whether you need some expert advice; want to run an idea by someone, or desire a full-service one-stop place to go for all your needs. We can provide you our expertise for your business needs. We can offer much more than a typical management service due to our deep understanding of how Amazon works. We have custom made software to eliminate the need to use many outside services, and we can work with your marketing agency and other service providers to ensure you are in full control of your products on Amazon. We look forward to partnering with you to make your eCommerce sales on the Amazon Marketplace a pleasant and enriching experience.

Our Commitment

Whether you’re selling your products on Amazon through Seller Central or Vendor Central, we can teach you the best practices and techniques to increase your sales and reduce your fees. Our Amazon consulting team can evaluate the current status of your account and offer strategies to increase profitability. Or if you prefer, we can fully manage your account so you can focus on your business. We understand. You got into business to create products that solve problems, not to learn how to solve problems selling your products.